AirFlow Therapy is the best choice for removing biofilm

What are the benefits of AirFlow?

First and foremost, it is much more effective at cleaning. The powders used in AirFlow treatments not only remove stains and biofilm, but they’re also specially formulated to inhibit bacterial growth in the future. Erythritol powder used in AirFlow therapy is minimally abrasive, meaning it is significantly less harmful to gum tissue than coarser powders such as sodium bicarbonate. In addition, erythritol inactivates bacteria to stop it from reproducing, which helps prevent the formation of gum disease, such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

Airflow can actually help reduce the sensitivity of your teeth. Older air polishing treatments have had a reputation for being messy, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. But patients report AirFlow therapy is a far more pleasant experience. A soft, warm stream of water gently sprays your gums and tooth surfaces, providing maximum effectiveness with minimal discomfort.


It can often be difficult to efficiently clean hard-to-reach spots or delicate areas of the mouth. AirFlow, however, is safe and effective on virtually any oral surface. In addition to tooth enamel and gum tissue, AirFlow can be used on orthodontia, implants, and restorations.

When we first heard about Guided Biofilm Therapy and AirFlow treatments it was a light bulb moment. This is the biggest change in hygiene and periodontal care for decades and we knew Dental Creations had to offer it. This is a complimentary upgrade that we offer to our patients because we know investing in this means investing in the future of excellent oral care.